One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to hold yourself publicly accountable. For some, it’s as simple as telling people about what you’re trying to achieve.  For others, it’s about building engagement on the journey.

I have two main goals for 2018 that will drive a bunch of other activities that I want to do throughout the year. I’m hoping both of these are inspire others as well as encourage feedback so the end result is something others can benefit from too.


Publish a photo collection book

-rather than challenge myself to “shoot a picture a day”, I need flexibility to accomplish this goal over time
-there are other priorities in my life and some weeks will be busier than others
-this will inevitably require me to shoot more, but also (more importantly) shoot with a purpose
-I’ll be recording much of the journey on my YouTube channel and posting pictures on Twitter


Launch a Productivity Podcast

-launch with Steve Nguyen who also shares similar passion around productivity 
-we’ll starting with recordings of our early morning “Donut Conversations”
-topics will also drive more content for this blog, which is a complementary outcome I want to see happen


If you’re interested in either of the above, reach out and let me know.  As the content for the podcast starts to roll out, we’ll be soliciting feedback on future topics too