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Chinese – Week 2

Quick update as I’m wrapping up my 2nd week of formal Chinese study. Technology I drastically narrowed the mobile apps I’m using to the following: -Pleco – dictionary, stroke order, Live OCR add-on-Translator app: Google Translate or Microsoft Translate–Anki – spaced repetition, flash cards If you don’t have a tutor or course book, I would […]

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Chinese – Self Study Week 2

I’m two weeks into my Chinese study and have made a lot of progress. I’ve also gathered a lot of useful tips and some lessons learned over my studying during my first week. Goal For starters, I’ve landed on an objective goal for 2019. I want to pass (minimally) the HSK 1 and hopefully the […]

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Chinese – Self Study Week 1

I just officially wrapped up my first week of self-study on Chinese. We’ll call this Self Study Week 1. 🙂 Here are some thoughts and lessons learned. This week I tried to focus on just getting familiar with Chinese, resources, pinyin rules/exceptions and not really worrying too much about vocab or Chinese characters. As I […]

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Learning Chinese

As I’m working through my 2019 goal to learn Chinese, I am planning to gather some thoughts on my preparation and progress throughout the year. ChallengeLike any foreign language, the key (and biggest challenge) to fluency, will be immersion. This is going to be especially difficult for a guy that doesn’t live in a native-Chinese […]

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