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Do you know Power BI?

If you’re not up on the latest from Microsoft in the business intelligence space, check out this quick 2 minute video. It’s amazing the amount of innovation that is going into analytics and visualizations. Many people have said Excel is “one of the best, most critical BI tools we have”. Microsoft is now taking BI to the next […]

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37 Things You Probably Don’t Know About The New Microsoft

In the words of the founder and creative behind the amazing culture at Microsoft… [tweet_box design=”box_01″ url=”” float=”none” excerpt=”‘It takes more than great products to make a great company’ -Bill Gates ~37 Facts About The New Microsoft”]”It takes more than great products to make a great company.” -Bill Gates[/tweet_box]

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Internet of Things (IOT) – Part II

In Part I, I went over the overview of use cases, scale, ingestion and storage. In Part II, I will cover the real-time streaming of data to longer-term storage for analytics. I will also go over the configuration of Power BI for real-time Q&A analytics. Data Movement Once the data arrives in an Event Hub, […]

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Internet of Things (IOT) – Part I

If you’ve been following the cloud buzz, you’ve inevitably heard of IOT or Internet Of Things. At a high level, the concept is simple: connect a bunch of devices that weren’t previously accessible and use intelligent data to inform other devices or take some action. A couple simple examples might include sensors on doors, vending machines […]

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30 Days with Office Online

Here’s a account of a 30 day experiment I did using only Office Online.  For clarification, I will refer to the Office installed locally as (desktop) and Office products in the browser from Office 365 as (online). Rules of the Experiment Parameters of the experiment were pretty simple: unless jeopardizing my job or customer, I was […]

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Microsoft and Docker – Overview

Microsoft and Docker recently announced the expansion of their partnership, bringing Docker to Windows Server and Azure. What is Docker? There are a number of use cases that make Docker excited and valuable to organizations Automating the packaging and deployment of applications Creation of lightweight, private PaaS environments Automated testing and continuous integration/deployment Deploying and […]

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Azure AD – Not Just a Directory in the Cloud

What is Azure AD?  At an architect level, Azure AD is a high-availability, geo-redundant, multi-tenanted, multi-tiered cloud service that has delivered 99.99% uptime for over a year now. We run it across 27 datacenters around the world. Azure AD has stateless gateways, front end servers, application servers, and sync servers in all of those data […]

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Azure Search

Azure Search is getting rolling and customers may have questions, or will have questions, about where it makes the most sense. First and foremost, doing Search is hard, and it can also be expensive. Azure Search is targeted at three core scenarios in this iteration: Online retail/ecommerce Most customers of ecommerce applications/sites will find products […]

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30 Days with Office 365 – Week 2 – Chromebook

For week 2, I’m working off of a Samsung Chromebook.   Let’s Get Right To It Lync is a core tool for daily communication and collaboration. My experimentation last week had a caveat with Lync; however, this week (on Chromebook) there’s no hiding behind the fact that Lync (desktop) app is critical to get work […]

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30 Days with Office 365 – Day 1

I’m kicking off 30 Days with Office 365 experiment with a Day 1 post on my Outlook experience today.  Being one of the more critical tools of my work day, I thought I’d start here and see how it goes.  I definitely wasn’t new to OWA (Outlook Web Access), and felt fairly confident I would be ok for awhile […]

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