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eric kraus


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Habits Are The Key To Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a relatively new concept that’s getting a lot of buzz lately. Many people are seeking to be more “mindful” and are trying to pay more attention to little things in life: everything from feeling a breath in their lungs to noticing the specific color of the sky. There is no ‘one thing’ that means being mindful; and […]

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The Happiness Myth and 6 Tips to Soar Above It

We still believe that success will lead us to happiness. Financial success, friendships, health, love, etc. etc. We believe by obtaining these things, happiness will follow. Unfortunately, it’s not true. And in fact, we have it backwards. Happiness Leads To Success There is significant research showing that people who are happier tend to demonstrate better work performance, receive more income, […]

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Who I Am vs. What I’ve Done

Success.  Are you Interested or Interesting? It boils down to two simple words. We’ll come back to them in a minute. Happiness Most successful people will tell you that money rarely leads to happiness. They will tell you, at best, money provides safety, predictability and access to things or places. They will tell you that money […]

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